1997 F-250 Powerstroke 4x4.......130k on the odo
6637 Air Filter Mod.
Sky RSK Kit installed at the same time as a D60 conversion with V's and B's.
DPP 3" downpipe.
4" Diamond Eye exhaust with a 5" tip.
BFG ATA 315's on 16x10's
KC's and Brush Guard.
Stripped the interior...DynaMat'ed it and added another layer of foam insulation.
Overhead guage console.
Tilt Shift function on the cell phone camera.....
Winter of 2013/14 Intercooler install as well as a new radiator core support.....
Intercooler install, E-Fuel was installed Summer 2013 along with a trans rebuild.
Rosewood Stage II's (160/80)
DynoProven Brute66 Turbo
Tony Wildman Tunes w/6 Position LED Switch
Irate 3" plenums
Irate 3" plenums
Terminator Engineering T-500 HPOP
Winter 2014/2015
Front receiver fab.
Front receiver fab.
Front receiver fab.
Front receiver fab.
Front receiver fab.
Mishimoto Aluminum radiator install.
Mishimoto Aluminum radiator install.
Tru-Cool 4739 trans cooler install.
Max AC Valve.
6.0 Fan Conversion.
2018...Irate Diesel T4 conversion with a S366SXE...installed by Ultimate Truckworks
T4 conversion
T4 conversion.