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Almost everything on this page is available for sale - feel free to contact me.

If you're interested in something that is marked "sold" - please contact me. I typically have boards ready to go - just tell me what you want !

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherryburst AA Flametop.
1980 Pro Deluxe.
Frankenstrat. Relic finish by MJT Guitars...electronics by me...more pics here
My BYOC Tweed Royal Build. Custom 2x10 Tweed cabinet from Weber, 10A125's from Weber, VRM mod from Trinity Amps. More pics here
Old Sears 10XL amp. Cabinet was trashed - so i cut it down to a "head" and added some electrical "trickery"
Old Ampro 16mm Speaker cabinet.
Fitted with a 4 ohm Weber 10", a beam blocker and a new baffle.
Paired with the Sears 10XL.
My first Firefly build. More pics here.
The SFA (Small F!@#$%^& Amp). A 2 watt micro tube amp in a 125B box. More pics here.
Sonic Research ST-200 Strobe Turbo Tuner. Currently not for sale because:
  • I love it.
  • They're still available at
  • They're cheap at: and they ship internationally.
  • Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus
    80's Ibanez FL301DX Flanger
    BJFE Emerald Green Distortion Machine. $OLD
    80's Cry-Baby wah w/mods.
    Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive
    The Six of Swords...not for sale.....More pics here.
    The Six of Swords...part deux...neither one is for sale.....
    Trotsky Drive $OLD
    Electro Harmonix Small Stone.$OLD
    Danelectro Back Talk Reverse delay pedal..This pedal is not for sale (unless you want to make me some crazy offer).
    Danelectro Wasabi Delay Pedal. not for sale.
    Danelectro Wasabi Delay Pedal.
    Danelectro Wasabi Delay Pedal.
    Boscorelli's "Echo-Matic". True tape delay/reverb. You need a 3 head tape deck also.
    Echomatic with tape deck.
    Echoplex Multi Delay.
    First Act Delay #1 rehouse project. $OLD
    First Act Delay #2 with all the mods.
    The Doppleganger. A combination univibe/phaser with all kinds of options.
    Doppleganger 2.1
    Doppleganger 2.1
    Danelectro Spring King Reverb (modded)
    Option 5 Destination Rotation Single Leslie Simulator $OLD
    Effectrode Tube Vibe.$OLD
    Rehoused Danelectro Tuna Melt.
    Rehoused Tuna Melt.
    Danelectro Chicken Salad.
    I offer Chicken Salad rehousing of your unit or I offer my modified version: the Chicken Vibe- feel free to contact me for pricing.

    My Chicken Vibe is not just a rehouse.....I add an additional board for a wider sweep plus some other extras..

    The pedal is True Bypass – no tone sucking here !

    The large speed knob is foot adjustable.

    The intensity knob is self explanatory.

    The shape knob is the internal trimpot moved to a full sized pot on the top of the pedal.

    Manipulating this knob changes the shape of the sound.

    The trim knob varies the voltage going to an LFO that controls the speed.

    Varying the trim knob will let you set the speed from slow slow slow all the way to up to a super fast speed.

    An LED has been added that pulses along with the LFO so you can see what the speed is set at a glance.

    9V adapter only – no provision made for a battery as these pedals were known to be horrible battery eaters in the first place.


  • ”It just sounds so full and thick and truly is better than any UV or clone I've used.”
  • ”Makes my Univibe clone sound wheezy”
  • ”innovative, pro, a close runner in the vibe wars!' Five stars ..”
  • ”I actually started getting close to what I consider the Holy Grail 'buttery' vibe.”
  • "Got my modded CS back from Dan Zink a word AMAZING!!! What great work...and everything is professional. I would put this up against any vibe out there right now...I used to have a MojoVibe and this thing is comparable....I get great UVibe tones and so much more. Thanks again was a fast turnaround and a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the great work! "

    (references available upon request)

  • I have finally gotten a youtube video up of my Chicken Vibe - it's available for viewing here ------->

    Chicken Salad rehouse#0001 (no mods) $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0001 $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0002 $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0003 built for myself.$OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0004 $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0005 $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0006 $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0007 Custom build. for Paul - the "Freaky Vibe" $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0008 Custom build. $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0009 Custom build - Cory's Funky Chicken (vibe). $OLD
    Chicken Vibe #0010 Custom build - Pete's Blue Chicken Vibe (Happy Birthday ! 5-8-09). $OLD
    Way Huge Aqua Puss Clone. $OLD More pics here.
    Way Huge Aqua Puss Clone. #2 $OLD
    Custom Build. Orange Amplifier theme as requested by customer $OLD
    Way Huge Aqua Puss Clone #3. The last of the "red boards". Currently not for sale. More pics here.
    (03-20-2010) To answer a lot of questions I've been receiving lately.

    I am still building Octa Puss(s).

    I recently lucked into a stash of the "original style" AP boards - as well as the newer layout that will fit in a smaller box.

    I also have a VERY limited supply of the original MN3005 BBD chips - or I can build it with the newer (and less expensive) 3205 chips.

    Please email for pricing.

    I've also added as an option the ability to double the delay time of the Octa (up to 600ms). More pics here.
    Oqta Puss available in a 125B box with either MN3005 or V3205 - email for pricing. More pics here.
    I think I'm a little bit of a delay whore.......
    TycoBrahe Parapedal clone$OLD
    TycoBrahe Parapedal clone$OLD
    TycoBrahe Parapedal clone$OLD
    Basic Phase 90
    Phase 90
    Custom build. Mark's FKR. Four Knob Rat based on Beavis's layout. Slimmed down into a smaller box.
    Custom build. Marlon's Fuzz Factor/E.
    Say it fast. Brown's Horse.
    Big Muff Pi (Mayo spec.)$OLD
    Big Muff Pi (Mayo spec.)$OLD
    Big Muff.$OLD
    Big Muff Pi (Mayo spec.) Had some fun with clippers....$OLD
    Big Muff Pi (Mayo spec.)$OLD
    Big Muff Pi (Mayo spec.) Had some fun with clippers....$OLD
    YATS/CJOD Lite #001. $OLD
    YATS/CJOD gutshot. $OLD
    YATS/CJOD Lite/Tube Screamer/ Version 2 #002. $OLD
    YATS #003. $OLD
    YATS #004.$OLD
    YATS #005 with clipping option (5mm LED's or 1N914/1N4148). $OLD. If you'd like a review of this pedal - please feel free to contact Pete Maizitis - "Pete, Dance of the Druids" (maizitis at aol dot com).
    YATS #006. Matt's custom YATS.
    MI Audio Crunchbox clone with clipping option (3mm LED's or Mosfet IR520/1N60 clipping). $OLD
    The Slippery Finger Treat OD/Distortion..kinda sounds like an old Ampeg....$OLD
    The Honey Drive.$OLD Look down a little further on this page for a 1590 version of this pedal !$OLD
    Honey drive guts.
    Honey Drive.$OLD
    Barber LTD Silver OD Clone. Built from the "donated" schematic at DIY Stomp. $OLD
    LTD Clone gutshot.
    BYOC Flanger. $OLD More pics here.
    Retro Fuzz.....I've heard it uses a proprietary chipset ?
    Retro Fuzz.
    I like the Dirty Boots so much I built a second one - in an etched box. $OLD
    Burns BuzzAround #1. $OLD
    Buzzaround #1 gutshot. $OLD
    Buzzaround Clone #2. $OLD
    Buzzaround Clone #3. $OLD
    Condor Cabinet Sim. This runs directly into the computer sound card simulating playing through an amp and cabinet to record sound clips.
    Condor gutshot.
    Thor Overdrive/Distortion (Marshall simulator). $OLD
    Thor gutshot.$OLD
    I also loves me some modulation.......The C4 Phaser an OTA based phaser.
    C4 Phaser.
    C4 Phaser.
    ROG Tri-Vibe. True pitch shifting vibrato pedal that also has a phaser and rotating speaker setting ("swirl" and "twirl")$OLD
    Seek Wha ?$OLD
    Rangeblaster (Rangemaster treble booster).$OLD
    Rangeblaster gutshot.$OLD
    Atari Punk Console for use as a tone generator when testing new builds.
    a True TubeScreamer. Designed by Merlin Blencowe - the Valve Wizard. It uses two EB91/6AL5 vacuum tubes as diodes. More pics here.
    Pepper Shredder #001 using 6111 Sub-Mini tubes $OLD- see more here
    Pepper Shredder #002. $OLD
    Pepper Shredder #002$OLD
    Pepper Shredder #002$OLD
    Snapster OD/Distortion.
    Snapster gutshot.
    An obscure one. Jake Nagy's "Blue Magic". "Blue Magic is a very low to medium grit, tube-like, overdrive pedal. that is based on a MOSFET (BS170) pushing a JFET (J201) into distortion". A few mods....and yeah....the LED is blue....$OLD
    Blue Magic.$OLD
    Blue Magic gutshot.$OLD
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Fuzz pedal. Basic two transistor fuzz. $OLD
    Fuzzy Wuzzy gutshot.$OLD
    Turbo Rat clone "The Mighty Mouse". BYOC board.$OLD
    Mighty Mouse gutshot.$OLD
    Turbo Rat. BYOC board.
    Turbo Rat. BYOC board.
    Turbo Rat. BYOC board.
    Revlocador - Ampeg Scrambler (distortion/octave) Pedal.$OLD
    Revlocador - Ampeg Scrambler.$OLD
    Neoctavia - Octave Pedal.$OLD
    Stuck Wah. parked wah pedal sound - think Mark Knofler's guitar sound on "Money for Nothing".$OLD
    Stuck Wah board.$OLD
    Nurse Quacky Envelope follower.$OLD
    Nurse Quacky.$OLD
    Hot Harmonics/Red Llama.$OLD
    Llama gutshot.$OLD
    LofoMofo gutshot. Super simple layout - and a very fun sounding pedal. Makes it sound like you're playing through a tiny transistor radio. The distortion knob makes it sound like the speaker on that little radio is blown up. Sounds odd - but very fun.$OLD
    Switch for ampeg amps - pretty self explanatory.
    Ampeg switch.
    A fuzz I built called the "Tantalus Project". $OLD I acid etched the box - came put pretty nice
    Tantalus etched box.$OLD
    Tantalus etched box.$OLD
    Tantalus board.$OLD
    1590 pedals
    1590A box size comparison.
    1590 Pedal lineup.
    Sparkleboost. $OLD
    Micro Delay. PT2399 based delay.$OLD
    Easy Drive - Distortion/Overdrive.$OLD
    Easydrive gutshot.$OLD
    1590 Mini Phaser. $OLD
    Mini Phase gutshot.$OLD
    Trotsky Drive.
    Micro Rinzai Drive (Rinzai is one of the schools of Zen) :) $OLD
    Rinzai gutshot.$OLD
    Rinzai pots layout.$OLD
    Micro Rust(y)Driver. $OLD
    Rust(y) gutshot.$OLD
    the Bit O' Honey. A 1590'd Honey Drive. $OLD
    Bit O' Honey.$OLD
    Bit O' Honey guts.$OLD
    Bit O' Honey guts.$OLD
    Bit O' Honey guts vs Standard HoneyDrive.
    A Little Blue EQ.
    Micro DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp.$OLD
    Micro DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp.$OLD
    Micro "E" Klone Overdrive. $OLD
    Eternal gutshot.$OLD
    1590'd Orange Squeezer Compressor.$OLD
    Lovely Squeezed Compressor.
    Preamp based on a pedal said to be favored by one of the former "Stray Cats"
    MagnaVibe in a 1590
    You don't have to go to church to get a lot of tone. ;D$OLD
    Crackle Boost. Not trying to "sho" off....crackle is okay.......$OLD
    Crackle Boost.$OLD
    100 Drive. A combination of the Crackle Boost and the .50 drive. The gain pot crackles - and that's "okay" with an added tone pot for greater flexibility. (props to Fred Briggs for the schematic).$OLD
    100 Drive.$OLD
    Micro YATS /CJOD Lite.$OLD
    Micro YATS.$OLD
    BC108 Silicon fuzz. $OLD
    Pushme Pullyou Octave Drive. $OLD
    Pushme gutshot.$OLD
    Dirty Boots Germanium Booster/Overdrive.$OLD
    Boots gutshot.$OLD
    Boots gutshot.$OLD
    NPN Germanium RangeBlaster w/fat switch.$OLD
    NPN RangeBlaster using GT313 Germanium.$OLD
    Micro LoFoMoFo. $OLD
    LoFoMoFo board.$OLD
    BYOC Confidence Booster. $OLD
    Germanium buffer with board from$OLD
    buffer gutshot.$OLD
    Germanium buffer with board from$OLD
    True bypass looper.$OLD
    Pedalboard being situated. Sorting out wiring, more pedals on the way.
    Pedalboard hard case.
    Where all the magic happens....

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